Free the Fanny!

Whether you call it your vulva or vagina. Your fanny or foo-foo. Your front door of happiness or your little pink cupcake… Its no surprise that people tend to get a little awkward when you start discussing your lady bits in public. “100 Vaginas” is an in-your-face documentary which aims to break down these conversational boundaries and explore the realities of having a vagina through real-women’s real-life experiences. 

Documentary creator, Laura Dodsworth, photographs 100 women and interviews 18 participants, from age 19 to 77, who candidly discuss topics from puberty to periods and masturbation to menopause. These women share their experiences of birth, infertility, sexuality, body shame, rape and even cancer. 

At Rebr, we’re all about opening these conversations and we couldn’t wait to sit down and dive head first into the screening of this taboo busting documentary.

Gosh what can we say… it (umm) definitely makes you feel a little awkward, maybe even uncomfortable… only when you see a full frontal female “hooha” filling your screen do you realize how little you see anything about vaginas in today’s culture. It was overwhelming and refreshing to hear women open up about their bodies and to tackle these conversations head on.

As a society there is still so much to learn and so much space to grow. Why is male masturbation such an open topic? We’ve heard countless jokes about guys making friends with Mrs. Palmer, yet no one ever engages in banter about a woman pleasuring herself. Many of the stories in this documentary are jaw dropping and upsetting but they are also powerful… and they are conversations that need to be had, stories that need to be shared.

We don’t want to give too much away – we want you to check it out for yourself.

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