Sexual Disfunction is Normal

Gone are the days of you being a horny teenager with raging hormones. You’ve grown up and your stressors have increased, which in turn changes the way you prioritise things. Not wanting to have sex is perfectly natural and don’t let anyone tell you differently. 

There is no shame in not wanting to be sexually active, but the reality is that we do feel embarrassed or ashamed. When this happens the important thing is to ask yourself why you feel this way and, more often than not, you’ll realise that it’s because of unrealistic expectations placed on you by yourself, society and the media. 

For years we have been told that men should be studs in the bedroom and women should be ladies in the streets but freaks in the sheets, but this thinking hasn’t liberated us. Instead, we use it to place unfair pressures on ourselves.

So, what’s the fix? Honestly, there is no quick fix. We recommend taking the time to get to know yourself and re-discover what you like, both in the bedroom and in life. Connecting to yourself again will help you find or create passion again and build your self-confidence.

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